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You can temporarily sublease your apartment to a third-party during summer months (May-August) or for the duration of study-related absence (internship or exchange studies). The person who subleases the apartment doesn’t have to be s student. Notify Hoas about the sublease at least a month before the subtenant moves in.

How to sublease your apartment

  • Fill in a subleasing agreement with the person becoming your subtenant. Always draw up the agreement in writing and use the Hoas subleasing form.
  • Notify the sublease in the forms-section of MyHoas. Attach the filled and signed subleasing agreement to the form. Make sure the agreement states the amount of rent the subtenant is going to pay.
  • If you sublease your apartment outside summer months, attach a certificate of your exchange studies or internship to the form. Certificate of exchange studies must include the exact duration of the student exchange.

Upload the subleasing agreement here:

Being a landlord

Follow the best practices of being a landlord and the instructions given by Hoas. You can find good information about being a landlord from The Finnish Landlord Association.

As a primary tenant, your tenancy to Hoas is valid even during subleasing. This is why you are still responsible for the condition of the apartment. If the apartment has damage caused by the subtenant, the invoices for repair work are forwarded to primary tenant. You should agree with your subtenant on how to handle these situations in advance.

Hoas can’t handle your tenancy related issues with the subtenant. If your subtenant wishes to rent a parking space, you must apply for the parking spot on behalf of your subtenant. Subtenant is not given their own credentials to Hoas’ online services.

Things to remember when subleasing

  • Furnished exchange student apartments can’t be sublet
  • Room in a shared apartment can be sublet to one person. Pets are not allowed in shared apartments.
  • Room in a shared apartment can be sublet only to a person of the same gender as the other tenants in the apartment.
  • Studio can be sublet to one person.
  • Family apartment can be sublet to the number of people indicated by the bedrooms. For example, an apartment with three bedrooms can be sublet to three tenants.


You can only ask for rent that you pay to Hoas.

Keys to the subtenant

Give the keys to your subtenant at the start of the sublease yourself. When the subtenant moves out, make sure to get the keys back. Don’t leave keys to Hoas to give or return.

Home insurance

Make sure your home insurance is valid and covers the subleasing. Inform your subtenant to have their own home insurance as well. If the subtenant damages your property, Hoas is not responsible for those. If there are damages to the apartment caused by the subtenant, we collect the repair costs form you. If you have any questions about home insurance, contact your insurance company directly. Hoas doesn’t offer home insurance.

Housing allowance and taxes

Notify Kela about the subleasing if you are entitled to general housing allowance. Allowance stops for the duration of the sublease. The rent collected from subleasing is taxable income, so remember to take this into account when doing your tax return.

Notification of change of address

Remember to submit an official notification of change of address even for temporary living somewhere else.

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