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Frontpage Contact

Online services for tenants

Have something to be fixed in your apartment? When living at Hoas apartment, you can handle most housing-related matters through our online services.


Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region sr (Hoas)

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29
P.O. Box 799
00101 Helsinki

Service hours

Mon, Wed and Fri: 12 noon–3 pm

On the first and last weekday of the month, we are open 10 am–4 pm.

Exceptions in opening hours

Thursday 20th of June, closed
Midsummer’s Eve 21st of June, closed

Opening hours in August and September


Thursday 1 August 10 am–4 pm
2 August to 29 August Mon-Fri from 12 noon–3 pm
Friday 30 August 10 am–6 pm


Monday 2 September 10 am–6 pm
Tuesday 3 September to Friday 6 September 12 noon–3 pm

Phone service is available as usual Mon-Fri 10 am–3 pm. Additionally, the first and last business day of each month from 10 am–4 pm.

Phone service is open from 10 am to 3 pm

Our customer service is available by phone Mon–Fri 10 am–3 pm +358 9 549 900 (mobile phone charge/local network charge).


A service representative can be reached through chat Mon–Fri 10 am–3 pm. Helmi Chatbot is available at all times.


Service hours: Mon–Fri 10 am–3 pm. Unfortunately we are not able to reply messages sent between Friday evening and Sunday. If you have questions conserning your application, agreement or payments, please contact us via phone.

Hoas WhatsApp +358 40 6106373

Facebook Messenger

Leave us a message via Facebook Messenger. We reply to messages 10-15 on weekdays.

Exchange student services

Questions concerning furnished apartments, please contact:
Tel. +358 9 5499 0381 (Mon–Fri 12 noon – 3 pm)

Email addresses

Applications, tenancy agreements and parking spaces:

Exchange students:

Rents and deposits:

Condition of your apartment and the property or apartment:

Business premises

Inquiries and rental agreements: Service manager Anna Lassus (firstname.lastname[at]


We are here to help you with all housing related matters: Anita, Anna-Riikka, Anne, Anssi, Anna B., Anna K, Aurora, Benjamin, Elida, Emmiina, Franciska, Gädlin, Heini, Henna, Henri, Hilla, Iina, Iiris, Inka, Iuliia, Jaana M., Jaana S., Jemina, Jenni, Jenny, Jonas, Jonna, Joona, Julia E., Julia H., Julia N., Kirsi, Liisi, Madi, Maija, Mallu, Matilda, Michelle, Milja, Mira, Nea, Niina, Noora, Olivia, Oona, Pinja, Salla, Sanna H., Sara, Saskia, Senja, Sofia, Suli, Suvi, Taina T., Taina M., Teija, Tero, Tytti and Valerija and a group of part-time customer service professionals.

Administration and finance

Matti Tarhio, CEO, tel. 09 5499 0205
Hannu Mäenpää, CFO, tel. 09 5499 0220
Kim Lindholm, Real estate and facility director, tel. 09 5499 0285
Pia Jaakola, Customer relations director, tel. 09 5499 0272
Marika Nyyssönen, Sustainability manager, tel. 09 5499 0217
Riitta Sorjonen, Head of HR, tel. 09 5499 0219
Saara Saksanen, Communications manager, tel. 09 5499 0268


Agullana Sanna, Development manager, digital services
Forsman Jon, Service manager
Hakonen Laura, Head accountant
Hayter Sanna, Sustainability coordinator
Janhonen Armi, Accountant
Jokiruoho Hanna, Accountant
Kalm Andrus, House expert
Kangas Daisy, Service manager
Kankala Eero, ICT manager
Keränen Anneli, Project manager
Keränen Ville, Construction manager
Kivipuro Satu, House expert
Kontturi Tanja, Purchasing manager
Koskela Jussi, Property manager, Technical
Kullberg Susanna, Customer service manager
Lassus Anna, Service manager
Leuhtonen Hanna, Cashier
Lindström Niina, Service manager
Luostarinen Matti, Property manager, Technical
Mikkola Marko, System specialist
Nylén Emilia, Customer relations manager
Oksanen Mika, Construction manager
Pasanen Riikka, Housing advisor
Peltonen Johanna, HR coordinator
Pennanen Jennamaria, Executive assistant
Penttilä Rami, Controller
Pitkänen Katja, Accountant
Pollari Arja, Construction contracting and legal affairs agent
Prittinen Linda, Leasing manager
Pääkkönen Laura, Construction manager
Pönni Johanna, Construction officer
Rapo Jaana, Security manager
Räsänen Ville, Financial expert
Salminen Veera, Commuciations specialist
Saukkonen Merja, Chief accountant
Seppänen Sanna, Development manager
Tainio Katri, Product coordinator
Toropainen Helena, Payment services manager
Täht Annika, House expert
Vartiala Mika, Application specialist
Väisänen Teemu, Technical specialist
Wallenius Eve, Tenant communications manager during construction

Contacts for media

Matti Tarhio, CEO, tel. 09 5499 0205

Saara Saksanen, Communications manager, tel. 09 5499 0268

Emails: firstname.lastname[at]

If you cannot reach the person you are looking for, please contact our switchboard tel 09 549 901, open Mon to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

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