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Tenant meeting

Each year a tenant meeting is held at each of our properties. Tenant meeting is arranged by Hoas or the tenant committee of the previous year. Tenant meeting are held during at the beginning of the year. At tenant meeting, a tenant committee is formed, and a member of the tenants’ co-operation body is chosen.

Tenant meeting invitations

 Invitation to tenant meeting is send two weeks prior via email. Also, keep an eye out for your property’s information board, where flyers about meetings can be posted even earlier.

What happens in Tenant meeting?

Tenant meeting is a great place to ask about tenant activity straight from Hoas’ representatives. You’ll also get a quick overview of what tenant activity is all about. Tenant meeting follows same meeting principles as the upcoming tenant committee meetings. You’ll get to experience what the meetings would be like firsthand.

Forming a tenant committee

During Tenant meeting, the tenants of the property can form a tenant committee and choose a chairperson for the committee. Chairperson acts as the elected official between the tenants and Hoas. Other roles in the committee can be established and chosen based on the interests and skills of the members of the committee. Same person can have several roles and there can be members with no specific roles as well.

Possible roles in tenant committee are for example:

  • Secretary, who takes care of meeting invitations, taking minutes, and typing them afterwards.
  • Treasurer, who takes care of the tenant committee’s funds and bookkeeping, ensuring that tenant committee uses funds as required and doesn’t exceed the annual budget.
  • Communication officer, who prepares information flyers for property.
  • Keys officer, who takes care of managing the booking of common spaces and loaning the key.
  • Club room officer
  • Gym officer

Who can join Tenant committee?

Any tenant with valid tenancy agreement to said property and over the age of 16 can join the tenant committee. Multiple tenants from same apartment can as well join tenant committee.

If you wish to join tenant committee, but can’t attend tenant meeting, you can authorize a person of legal age to represent you at the meeting. You can also always join tenant committee but contacting your property’s tenant committee later. The decision of including new members to tenant committee is recorded in the minutes of the meeting, which then is delivered to Hoas.

If a tenant committee is not formed

Forming a tenant committee is completely voluntary and the purpose is only to offer the tenants a chance to organize events at the property and make purchases for all tenants to use. If during tenant meeting there are no tenants interested in joining, tenant committee can be formed later in the year. If you wish to form a tenant committee later, please contact Hoas Tenant Activity, so we can help you get started with the tenant committee.

Contact person for tenant activity

Tenant committee must always have at least two members. If only one tenant is interested in tenant activity, they can act as a contact person for tenant activity at the property. Contact person can manage keys to common spaces, lend them to other tenants and otherwise act as a channel between tenants and Hoas. The contact person must let Hoas, and tenants of the property know their contact information.

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