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Etusivu Applicants Exchange students Apartment types for exchange students

Apartment types for exchange students

Hoas aims to provide each exchange student with a housing option that suits their needs.

There are Hoas properties located in several metropolitan areas.

Exchange student apartments are furnished

Hoas provides exchange students with three different furnished apartment types: Room in a shared apartment, Studio and Shared studio. 

Furnished apartments are non-smoking and pets are not allowed.

Furnished apartment for exchange students. Livingroom. Kirjanpitäjänkuja 4.

A room in a shared apartment for exchange students

The majority of the furnished apartments are shared apartments. Communal living in shared apartments creates opportunities to meet new people.

In shared apartments, the student rents a private room within a shared apartment.  When applying for a single room in a shared apartment, Hoas will place the applicant with other exchange students randomly. Usually 2-8 persons share the whole apartment together. Each tenant has their own lockable room. The kitchen, toilet and bathroom are shared. There are separate shared apartments for female and male tenants.

To whom: Exchange students, Single applicants
Location: Almost all Hoas properties
Room rent(in 2022): approx. 425 – 493 euros/month
Room size: approx. 10 – 18 m
Pets are not allowed in shared apartments

Studio apartment for exchange students

Furnished apartment for exchange students. Studio apartment in Välimerenkatu 5.

Studio apartments are good option for those who need their privacy. Studio apartments are rented to one person. A studio consists of one room including common kitchen/kitchen/cooking space and a bathroom.

Hoas has a limited number of furnished studios available. We recommend also applying for another apartment type, such as a shared apartment, at the same time.

To whom: Exchange students, Single applicants
Location: Helsinki: Hakaniemenranta 12, Harustie 7, Junailijankuja 5, Välimerenkatu 5 and Espoo: Miestentie 2
Apartment rent (in 2022): approx. 517 – 809 euros/month
Apartment size: approx. 26 – 31 m2

Shared studio apartment

This apartment type is for a pair of friends or for couples arriving together in Finland for their exchange.

Shared studios are for two persons.

  1. Two tenants share one room together including common kitchen and private bathroom in Välimerenkatu 5.
  1. Two tenants share one room together including Kitchen/cooking space and a bathroom in Harustie 7.

In order to be able to apply a shared studio together, both tenants must have the same exchange period length. Both applicants must submit their own applications and provide the name of the desired roommate. Couples of whom only one person is an exchange student can also apply for a shared studio. Also in these cases, both applicants must submit their own applications. Couples of whom both applicants are exchange students have priority over couples with only one exchange student.

NOTE: This apartment type is not possible to rent by yourself. This is only for 2 friends or a couple, whose names should be mentioned on the application.

Hoas has a highly limited number of shared studios available. We recommend also applying for another apartment type.

Furnished apartment for exchange students. Shared studio in Harustie 7.

To whom: Friends and Couples
Location: Helsinki: Harustie 7 and Välimerenkatu 5
Apartment rent (in 2022): approx. 354 -410 euros/person/month
Apartment size: 25 m2 (Välimerenkatu 5) 40 m2 (Harustie 7)

Obstruction-free apartments

Many of Hoas’s newest properties are built free of obstructions. Buildings have wider doorways and hallways, providing wheelchair access.

Hoas’s property in Lauttasaari, Helsinki (Haahkakuja 5) includes a housing unit for handicapped young people, managed by Vamlas. Among other things, Vamlas develops housing services for young handicapped persons by offering them homes that have been designed with unobstructed movement in mind and that include round-the-clock service. Vamlas is in charge of selecting the tenants for the apartments designed for handicapped persons.

Exchange student apartments

Please note that only certain Hoas housing locations have exchange student apartments and all apartment types cannot be found in all our locations.

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