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Extending your tenancy agreement

You can see on your tenancy agreement if it is made to fixed term or is valid until further notice. If the tenancy agreement is valid until further notice, it ends when you terminate your tenancy or Hoas terminates your tenancy when your studies end.

Does your agreement have a have limited time of occupancy? If your limited time is coming to an end but you are still a full-time student, contact our customer service. If you still match the criteria for our tenants, we can update your tenancy agreement and you can continue living in your apartment.

Payment defaults and fixed-term tenancy agreement

We check your credit information automatically when you apply for a Hoas apartment. If you are under-aged applicant, we check your guardians credit information. If there is a payment default, the tenancy agreement is made to fixed term for six months.

Extending the agreement

It is possible to extend your tenancy agreement if you have not had any trouble with living or rent payments, and you are still a student. After two fixed-term agreement periods it is possible to update the agreement to be valid until further notice, if you have not had any payment defaults during the fixed-term rental period.

When does the agreement need to be extended?

Your agreement must be extended by the 7th day of the final month it is valid for. If the 7th day is on weekend or holiday, the agreement can be extended on the next day.

What do I need to extend the agreement?

Extending the agreement is your responsibility. When the extension is topical, contact our customer service. To extend your tenancy agreement, well need proof of paid rent and other payments, as well as study certificates to check your right of occupancy.

  • For university students, less than three months old certificate of attendance and a transcript of records (a print of online records is sufficient).
  • For upper secondary level students, less than three months old certificate of attendance indicating the duration of the studies and an estimate of graduation date.
  • Receipt of paid rents for entire term of agreement (6 months).
  • In family apartments, all documents from each tenant.
  • E-mail all attachments to

If you don’t have enough study credits to fulfill our criteria for right to occupancy for example for writing your thesis or an internship, you’ll need an additional statement from your thesis or internship supervisor. The statement needs to include an estimate of the progress or duration of the work and expected completion date.

If all documents are in order, we will email you a request to sign a new agreement in Visma Sign electronical signature service. Remember to sign the agreement by the given due date.

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