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Frontpage Online services

Online services

You can find our forms and links to online services on this page.

Log into online services

Credentials for applicant service

When you use our online services for the first time, you can register as a user. After registration you can log in with a combination of your email address and password. If you want to, you can also log in each time by using strong authentication.

Credentials for tenant services

MyHoas – If you have used our online services when applying to Hoas housing, you can use to same credentials to log into MyHoas as soon as your tenancy begins. If you are using our online services for the first time, you can create credentials for yourself by registering as a user. You can also log into MyHoas with strong authentication each time you log in.

Hoas Booking – You get credentials to Hoas Booking automatically by email when your tenancy begins. In family apartments all tenants get one set of credentials for all the members of the family to use.

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