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What is included in the rent?

The rent is based on apartment’s size, location, property’s age and made basic renovations among other things. Rents are generally higher in newer or recently renovated properties as well as in apartments that are close to central Helsinki.


Water in included in the ret in all Hoas apartments.


Electricity is included in the rent in all shared apartments. In studios and family apartments, electricity is not included in the rent in most of the cases. Tenants will sign their own electricity contract and can therefore control their own bills by reducing their electricity use. The apartment offer will state whether electricity is included in the rent or not.

Internet connection

As a Hoas tenant you get an internet connection as a free additional service. Hoasnet connection is free of charge for tenants and you only need to have your own ethernet network cable and, if you want a wifi, a router.

Laundry room

Almost all of the Hoas properties have well equipped laundry rooms, where doing your washing is free and easy. You can reserve a laundry time slot via the electronic reservation system


Most Hoas properties have a sauna, and tenants can reserve a time slot at no cost via the electronic reservation system. One account is entitled to either three or five free sauna reservations per calendar month depending on the property.

Common tenant facilities

A club room that is available for evenings with friends, shared gym equipment, yoga at the club room, urban agriculture in the yard – an active tenant committee can bring about all these and much more. Tenant activity consists of activities carried out by the community of tenants. Every tenant committee reflects the personalities of its members and its activity will be shaped by what the tenants wish and choose to organise, within the possibilities offered by the property and allowances provided by Hoas.


The storage lockers available to tenants are usually located in the basement of the property, but they may also be in separate buildings or on upper floors.

Car parking

In most properties, tenants can rent a car parking space for an separate fee. The type, number and price of the parking spaces vary from one property to the next.


There are some furnished studios with shared kitchen or mini kitchen. Otherwise furnished apartments are offered mainly to exchange student. Furniture in Hoas exchange student apartments

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