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Etusivu Tenants Changing to another apartment

Moving to another Hoas apartment

Internal transfer

An internal transfer means moving from one Hoas apartment to another without a compelling reason. Internal transfers are for tenants who are not entitled to a transfer of right to occupancy, but wish to change from one Hoas apartment to another. The reason for applying an internal transfer can be anything, for example a desire to move to a different type of an apartment or to another area. For internal transfer submit a normal housing application. Hoas tenants cannot swap apartments/rooms between themselves.

Exchange students living in a furnished apartments are not able to apply for internal transfer because internal transfer requires termination of tenancy. An agreement made for a fixed term cannot be given termination notice.

My spouse is moving in with me

If you live in a studio or a two-room apartment for one person and your life situation changes, it is possible for your spouse to move into the same apartment with you. Adding your spouse as a tenant always requires Hoas’ approval and a new tenancy agreement. It is not possible to add your spouse to your tenancy agreement if you live in a studio with shared kitchen or furnished studio with shared kitchen.

My spouse is moving out of our apartment

Tenancy agreements in family apartments are always joint responsibility. This means that if one tenant moves out of the apartment, the other must move out as well by the end of the lessor’s notice period. However it is possible to stay alone in the family apartment, if the tenant staying in the apartment is a full time student.

Transfer of right to occupancy

A transfer of right to occupancy means moving from one Hoas apartment to another due to changed circumstances. Hoas will guarantee that you will be offered an apartment, but the location or the type of apartment cannot be guaranteed. A transfer of right to occupancy application must always include a certificate of the grounds for applying. You can apply if one of the following matches your situation: separation from your partner, pregnancy, military or civil service, the limited time of occupancy runs out or you are going for study related training or exchange programme outside of the capital area. Transfer of right to occupancy entitles you to one apartment offer.

In cases when the limited time of occupancy runs out or you separate from your partner in a family apartment the new agreement will start immediately when your current agreement ends. In cases when the student exchange, internship or military or civil service ends, the new agreement can begin during the same month or the following month depending on your situation. If transfer of right to occupancy is applied due to pregnancy, the housing offer is made so that the tenants have time to terminate their current agreement.

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