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Tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement is made for fixed term with specific start and end date. Fixed term tenancy agreement cannot be terminated, and they end without separate termination notice.

You can’t sublet your exchange student apartment for anyone.

Extending the tenancy agreement

If your exchange has been extended for another term, and you want to continue living in your apartment, please contact our exchange student services as soon as possible.

Your tenancy agreement can be extended if all your payments are in order and there are no outstanding rent payments or other fees.

If everything is in order, you will receive a confirmation from Hoas that your tenancy agreement can be extended. Remember to sign the extension contract before the due date to confirm the extension.

Extending the tenancy agreement for June

If your tenancy agreement expires at the end of May, it might be possible to extend the tenancy agreement until the end of June for free.

We’ll send separate information about this to all tenants who have this option when it is relevant.


  • Junailijankuja 5 – tenancy agreement is made until May 31

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