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Book a trailer for free

There are four trailers at our properties that students can borrow for free. Two trailers can be found at Otaniemi (Servinkuja 5 and 6) and Koskela (Juhana Herttuan tie 3) parking lots.

You will need your universitys or university of applied sciences student email address to book a trailer. If the system doesn’t recognize your school’s email address, please contact Fiksuveto at info[at]

Trailers are available for borrowing and returning as a self-service. Book the trailer at Fiksuveto website.

Fiksuveto trailer

  • Free for all university and university of applied sciences students.
  • Rental time is 1-5 days.
  • Trailer is spacious and easy to load.
  • Maximum load is 350 kilos.
  • You can drive a trailer with a category B driver’s licence.

Book a trailer

  • Make a reservation.
  • Use your own school’s student email address to make the booking.
  • You’ll need to strongly identificate.
  • You’ll get confirmation of your reservation and other information about picking up the trailer by email.

Loading the trailer

  • Small loads: Put your items on the front of the trailer.
  • Heavier loads: Make sure that the weight is evenly on the trailer.
  • Keep the trailer connected to the vehicle when you load and unload the trailer. Don’t detach the loaded trailer from the vehicle.

Driving with the trailer

  • Recommended maximum speed is 80 km/h.
  • Total height is 2.1 meters.
  • Make sure to use more space as you turn or back up the trailer while driving.
  • You can return the trailer at any time during your reservation.

Did you make a dent, are there faults with the trailer?

Read directions on what to do on Fiksuveto website.

Free trailers for university students are offered by Capgemini and Sogeti.

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