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In most of our properties there are reservable parking spaces for tenants as well as guest parking available for short-time visits.

Tenants’ parking space

You can apply for a parking space in MyHoas. The types, amounts, and costs of the parking spaces depends on the property. Parking space is billed by a monthly fee. Sometimes all the parking spaces are already reserved, and you will need to wait for available one.

If a parking space becomes available, we check your payment status. If you have any outstanding rent or other payments to Hoas, we can’t offer you a parking space. You may apply for one but we offer available spots to others who are waiting until your payments are up to date. You can check your own payment status in MyHoas.

Please note that the heating poles found on parking lots are not suitable for charging electric vehicles. The socket outlet in the heating pole is not intended to be used at high loads for long periods of time and charging will cause a fire hazard.

Parking space prices

The cost of the parking space depends on the property. The prices are listed in the attachment below.

Guest parking

Guests visiting Hoas tenants can park their cars in the guest parking. In these areas parking is restricted to four hours during weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm so remember to use the parking disc. Guest parking is intended for short-term use.

Loading and unloading

Parking is allowed only in the spaces dedicated to it. However, you can park elsewhere for short period of time (15 mins) to unload and load the car for example when you move.

Parking control

In most Hoas properties the parking control is provided by Aimo Park. If you notice a car parked where it should not be or someone has parked their car at your reserved parking space, you can make a control request to Aimo Park by filling this form.

The form can be filled any time of day and any day of the week. Control request is immediately forwarded to the traffic warden in shift, and they will check the situation as soon as possible.

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