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Apply for summer apartment now

Does your plans for summer include job, internship, or studies at Helsinki metropolitan area? Apply for a summer apartment from Hoas!

Any student who has a temporary job or studies in Helsinki metropolitan area can apply for Hoas summer apartment. This applies also for students whose school is outside the capital region.

Affordable apartment for summer

  • Available for rent from January to August.
  • Located in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.
  • Summer apartments are mostly rooms in a shared apartment. There are also few family apartments.
  • Summer apartment is unfurnished.
  • The rent is 300-470 € per month for shared apartments, 600-1000 € per month for family apartments.

The apartments are equipped with normal fixtures such as refrigerator, stove and usually a wardrobe as well. Otherwise the summer apartment are unfurnished, which means that you need to bring your own bed and lamp.

There is a free internet connection in the apartment. Water and electricity is included in the rent of shared apartments. Nearly all Hoas properties have a sauna and laundry for the tenants to reserve free of charge.

How to apply for summer apartment?

  • Fill in the housing application
  • Select Internship or summer job in the capital region as the school
  • Select Work experience or temporary job as your degree
  • Enter the name and address of your summer job
  • Enter the dates when the need for an apartment starts and when the need for an apartment ends
  • Fill in the amount of rent you are able to pay at maximum each month. All housing offers are made according to the maximum rent on the application.

Apply right away

Fill in the application once you have received a confirmation of your summer job or summer school. We aim to offer you an apartment at close proximity to your workplace or school, one with good public transport connections.

Apply for summer apartment latest by June. You can get only one offer for a summer apartment.

Can I stay in the apartment after summer?

If you get a study place from the capital area and meet the criteria for tenant selection, it is likely that you can stay in the apartment after summer.

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