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Family apartments

Family apartments can be offered to couples and families with children. Hoas offers a variety of family apartments for different situations: apartment types vary from studios to four-room apartments. In family apartments, only one of the tenants needs to be a student.

Hoas has several family-friendly locations around the capital area in which the needs of the children have been taken into account in playground planning. Family apartments are rented on joint tenancy agreements, meaning that the tenants share the responsibility for paying the rent and keeping the apartment in good shape.

Family apartments have 1 to 4 rooms, kitchenette/kitchen and a bathroom. The apartment is rented unfurnished but there are wardrobes in the bedrooms and there will usually be a cleaning closet in the hallway. There are refrigerator, freezer and stove in kitchen. Hoas has very few four-room apartments. Four room apartments are located in the following areas: Koivukylä, Espoon keskus-Suvela, Malmi-Pukinmäki and Kontula-Kurkimäki.

To whom: Couples where one or both applicants are students, Couples with underaged children when one or both parents are students, Alone with underaged children
Location: Most Hoas properties
Apartment rent (approx.):

  • Studio apartment 550 – 850 euros
  • Two-room apartment 550 – 900 euros
  • Three-room apartment 700 – 860 euros
  • Four-room apartment 800 – 1 000 euros

Apartment size (approx.):

  • One-bedroom apartments 30 – 60 m2
  • Two-bedroom apartments 73 – 87 m2
  • Three-bedroom apartments 58 – 84 m2
  • Four-bedroom apartments 85 – 96 m2

Pets: You can have a pet in a family apartment

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