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Family apartments

Family apartments are a good option in different stages of life. Family apartments suit well the needs of couples, families, or living with a friend.

You can apply for a family apartment with your partner, children, friend, or sibling. Family apartments vary from smaller 600 € per month studios to spacious over 1000 € four-room apartments and everything in between. Please note, that there are very few four-room apartments.

Family apartments have 1-4 rooms, kitchen area, and bathroom. Apartment is rented unfurnished. Bedrooms have wardrobes, and most often there is a cleaning closet in the apartment as well. Kitchen has a refrigerator, freezer, and stove.

Types of family apartments

To whom: Two students, Student with a partner, Student with children
Pets: Allowed

Location: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa
Rent: approx. 600-924 €
Size: approx. 30-60 m²

Two-room apartment
Location: Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa
Rent: approx. 600-1 230 €
Size: approx. 33-87 m²

Three-room apartment
Location: Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa
Rent: approx. 700-1 251 €
Size: approx. 58-84 m²

Four-room apartment
Location: Koivukylä, Espoon keskus-Suvela, Kontula-Kurkimäki, Malmi-Pukinmäki
Rent: approx. 800-1 129 €
Size: approx. 85-96 m²

Hoas has many family-friendly locations in the capital area.
Pets are also welcome to family apartments.

How to apply for family apartment

Apply for a family apartment with one application together with your co-applicant. In family apartments at least one of the tenants must be a student.

Tenancy agreement in family apartments

Family apartment is rented with a joint tenancy agreement. Joint tenancy agreement means that all the tenants share the responsibility of the rent payments and condition of the apartment together. For example, if the other tenant doesn’t pay their part of the rent, you would still be responsible to pay the remaining rent to Hoas despite what you have agreed on between yourselves.

Get to know the different types of apartments

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