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Etusivu Applicants Spring and summer apartments

Spring and summer apartments

Anyone can apply for Hoas’ spring and summer apartments. They are especially well-suited for students with a temporary internship, a summer job or a school place in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Spring and summer apartments are mainly shared apartments. A few studio apartments may be available in spring and some family apartments in the summer. The spring apartments are furnished and unfurnished.

Hoas’ spring and summer apartments are located in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, outside the city centres.

Both the spring and summer apartments will be primarily allocated to students.

You can submit your application right after the application form is open and we open it on the 7.12.2022 at noon.

Furnished spring apartments

Most of Hoas’ spring apartments are furnished rooms in shared apartments. There are also a few furnished studio apartments available. The apartments on offer are from the apartment stock reserved for exchange students. The presentations and rents of the different apartment types can be found on the exchange student pages (in English).

The apartments are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

  • The security deposit payment of furnished apartments is €500, regardless of the apartment type.
  • The agreements must be made for at least one calendar month.
  • Apartments for the period 1 January – 31 May.

Furniture in Hoas’ spring apartment

Hoas’ furnished apartments have the basic furnishing, including at least

  • a bed, a mattress, a comforter, a pillow and linens
  • a work desk and a chair
  • a wardrobe and a shelf
  • curtains
  • lamps
  • a vacuum cleaner

Unfurnished summer apartments

Hoas’ summer apartments are mainly rooms in shared apartments. There are also a few family apartments available. The presentations and rents of the different apartment types can be found on the degree student pages.

Shared apartments are mostly located in west and east Helsinki as well as in Espoo and Vantaa, and there are no apartments available in the centre of Helsinki or near the inner city. Family apartments are available only in few locations along the edges of the cities.

  • The security deposit payment for a room in shared apartment is €260 and for a family apartment €500.
  • The summer apartments are not furnished.
  • The agreements must be made for at least one calendar month.
  • You cannot only apply for a summer apartment for August.
  • Apartments for period 1 January – 31 August.

A student could remain in the summer apartment

Usually, it is possible to continue living in the apartment after summer, if the summer tenant finds a student place for the autumn in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and if they meet the Hoas student election criteria. The tenant must create a new apartment application on our website and note down in the application that they would like to continue living in their current summer apartment.

Applying for a spring or summer apartment

Both the furnished spring apartments and the unfurnished summer apartments are applied for with a summer apartment application. The application period for summer apartments will end in June. The application will be removed from the website when the application period ends.

Send the application only after your summer job or summer studies have been confirmed, as we will attempt to offer you an apartment nearby your summer job or study location or along good public transport connections. Students are prioritised in apartment allocation.

Only one apartment offer will be made for spring or summer apartments.

For more information on Hoas exchange student services, please contact

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