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Room in a shared apartment

Shared apartments are most affordable option of Hoas apartments. There are shared apartments in nearly all Hoas properties in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. You can live in shared apartments for the entire time you study – and possibly even a year after your graduation. Friends and siblings moving together for studies and students who have found each other through the Hoas Matchie search can apply for a shared apartment. All tenants of a shared apartment have to be full-time students. A separate rental agreement is made with each tenant for their own room.

Who is suited for a shared apartment?

A room in a shared apartment is well suited for you who want to save in living costs or get to know new people. A room in a shared apartment is a good option for a new student who is just starting out their studies. Communal living in shared apartments creates opportunities to meet new people. You can wish for your friend to move into the same shared apartment with you.

What is a shared apartment?

In shared apartments, the student rents a private room within a shared apartment. Each tenant has their own lockable room. The size of the room varies between 10 and 20 square metres. There is always a wardrobe in the room. A refrigerator is often added to the room during a basic renovation.

Usually shared apartments are split between 2–4 persons. Shared apartments are mainly separate for men and women. Hoas has few gender neutral apartments in East Helsinki and West Helsinki.

The kitchen, toilet and bathroom in the apartment are shared. In the kitchen there are a refrigerator, a freezer and a stove. The apartment is rented unfurnished. There may also be other tenants’ furniture in the common areas.

What is included in the rent of the room in a shared apartment?

Electricity and water are always included in the rent. There is a free internet connection available in the room. Most of the buildings have a sauna and a laundry for the tenants’ use. Some properties also have a club room and a gym.

Shared apartments in a nutshell

To whom: Single applicants (no pets)
Location: Almost all Hoas properties
Room rent: approx. 250 – 519 euros
Room size: approx. 10 – 20 m2
Pets: Pets are not allowed in shared apartments
Occupancy time: The whole duration of the studies, and often for an extra year after the graduation. Tenants living in shared apartments have an option to use twelve (12) months lessor’s notice period if there haven’t been problems during the occupancy and there is no other reason not to extend the notice period. The tenant’s notice period is still one calendar month.

Moving into a shared apartment with a friend

When you want to move into a shared apartment with a friend, let us know about it in the additional information of the application. We aim to offer rooms in the same shared apartment for friends applying together. There may be other students living in the shared apartment.

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