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When can I apply?

You can submit an application as soon as you have been admitted to a school. We aim to offer an apartment for those who have waited the longest so we recommend that you apply sooner rather than later. However, our primary criteria for offering apartments are homelessness and low income so the one who waits the longest is not automatically the one who gets an apartment.

When can I accept the apartment?

You can accept the apartment once your school has started and you have enrolled for your studies.

Summer months are an exception. If you are beginning your studies in autumn, you can accept the apartment from June onward.

How many applications can I have at the same time?

You can have one application pending at a time.

You can apply for all different types of apartments with that one application.

Since you can only have one active application at a time, you can either apply alone or with someone but not both at the same time. If your situation changes during applying and you would like to apply for apartment alone or with someone else, delete the previous application and fill a new one.

What happens after I submit my application?

You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your application. Submitting an application doesn’t guarantee that you will get an apartment but you are now actively applying for apartment. Unfortunately, we can’t estimate when you will get an apartment offer. You can however get familiar with on what basis the apartments are rented and who are the primary applicants.

By choosing a wide variety of areas and apartment types, and increasing your maximum rent amount, more apartments matches your criteria and receiving an apartment might be quicker. Rooms in shared apartments are more often vacant than other types of apartments, so we recommend that you add that to your preferences if you are in dire need of an apartment. You can keep applying for another type of apartment even if you already live at Hoas apartment.

How long is my application valid?

Your application is valid for three (3) months from the date of submission. Remember to keep your application valid by updating it at least every three months so it doesn’t get removed from our register. If you are actively searching for an apartment, we recommend that you update your application once a month.

You can also edit your application and criteria for the apartment by updating your application.

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