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Etusivu Applicants How to update your housing application

How to update your housing application

You can edit, update or cancel your Hoas student apartment application. To access your application, we send you a personal login link to your email about two days after you have submitted your application. Personal login link is automatically generated for the applicant so each applicant has a different link. If you loose your login link or do not receive it for other reasons, you can request a new one from Hoas housing services. See contact details.

When you click your personal login link and open the personal login page, we will send you the SMS verification code you need for login.

Please remember to keep your application up to date. The application must be updated at least every three months for it to not expire. You can always use the same personal login link to acces your application. When you edit the application, consider adding more areas and apartment types to it.

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