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The strengths of Koivukylä are its closeness to nature and good transport links. The services focus on the proximity of Koivukylä train station, where you can find e.g. a shopping centre, supermarkets and a library. There are also several kindergartens and a primary school in the area favoured by families with children. There are plenty of forested outdoor trails nearby, as well as swimming and carpet washing places by the Keravanjoki river. In addition, Kuusijärvi beach and Sipoonkorpi national park are within walking distance.

Housing application

Area information

Distance to the city centre

  • Helsinki 20 km
  • Vantaa 4 km

Public transportation

  • train
  • bus


  • Kuusijärvi outdoor area
  • Keravanjoki river


  • Stone age settlements
  • minigolf

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