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Two-room apartments

Most of our two-room apartments are for couples and families with children. Read more about Hoas family apartments

Two-room apartment for one person

The waiting time for two-room apartments is shorter than for studio apartments. Contrary to studio apartments, two-room apartments do not have limited time of occupancy which means that the student can live in the apartment for the whole duration of their studies. As there are only a few studios in East-Vantaa, a two-room apartment is a great choice if you would like to have your own peace and quiet. Post-graduate students can apply for two-room apartments.

Most of the two-room apartments are located in East-Vantaa. The apartments at Laajasalo are rented primarily to students of Snellman-korkeakoulu.

A small one-bedroom apartment is an apartment intended for one person and it has 1-2 rooms and a cooking space/open kitchen/kitchen and a bathroom. There are refrigerator, freezer and stove in kitchen.

To whom: Single applicants, Single applicants with pets
Location: East-Vantaa and Espoo, Helsinki: Laajasalo
Apartment rent: approx. 450 – 560 euros
Apartment size: approx. 34 – 53 m2
Pets: You can have a pet in a two-room apartment

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