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Two-room apartments

Two-room apartments are rented for a single person, couple, or friends. Two-room apartments for more than one person are rented with a joint tenancy agreement. Two-room apartments have 1-2 rooms, kitchenette/kitchen, and bathroom. The apartment is otherwise unfurnished but there is closet space. The kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, freezer, and stove.

Two-room apartment for single applicant

You can rent a two-room apartment alone. If you want to apply for a two-room apartment, fill in the application and choose the apartment type on the application form as a two-room apartment.

Two-room apartment for couples and friends

You can apply for a two-room apartment as a couple or with a friend if one or both of you are full-time students. Fill in the application together and add both applicants’ information on the application.

Two-room apartments are rented on joint tenancy agreements. This means that both of you are responsible for paying the rent and keeping the apartment in good condition. If the rent is unpaid, you both are responsible for any additional costs and consequences. If a joint tenancy agreement with a friend does not sound appealing, you can also apply for a shared room apartment with your friend.

If one of the tenants on a joint tenancy agreement terminates your lease, principally the other tenant must move out as well. However, it is possible to stay in the apartment in some cases.  Get to know the instructions found on Spouse moves out of the apartment -page about the options you have if you wish to stay in the apartment alone or with someone else.

  • To whom: single applicants, couples, and friends
  •  Apartment rent (approx.): 500-1230 euros
  • Apartment size (approx.): 33-87 m2
  • Pets: Pets are allowed in a two-room apartment

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