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Additional keys

If you need an additional key to your apartment, please contact our customer service.

You can get one additional key free of charge when you are living in a studio, two-room apartment, or family apartment. Additionally, your school-aged child gets their own key free of charge.

If you live in exchange student apartment, shared apartment, studio with shared kitchen, or furnished studio with shared kitchen, you get one key. Additional keys to these apartment types are not possible to receive.

Having additional keys made yourself is strictly forbidden. For security reasons, any unauthorized keys may mean that the lock must be re-pinned, and any occurring costs will be charged from you according to our tenant charge sheet.

Previously, the additional key has been charged from the tenant. If you have paid for the additional key before July 2022, the amount will not be refunded when moving out.

Lost key

In case you have lost your key, get to know our instructions on what to do in such event. If you lost the additional key, let us know about that as well.

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