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Returning the keys

When your tenancy agreement ends, you need to move out and return the keys of the apartment by 9 am on the next business day after the tenancy period ends. If you are moving from one Hoas apartment to another Hoas apartment, you can return the keys at 4 pm latest. You can always return the keys earlier too.

There are two options on how to return the keys:

  • Bring the key to the Hoas service center
  • Give the key to the new tenant with handing over the keys agreement

Never send the keys by mail or leave the keys at your apartment when you move out.

Following our instructions on how and when to return your keys, you get your deposit easier and faster back. If the keys get lost or you return them late, the lock must be re-pinned and the costs will be charged from you according to our tenant charge sheet.

Return the keys to Hoas service center

You can return the key at the time of your choosing (however latest being at 9 am the next business day after your tenancy period ends). Put the key into a closed envelop and drop it into our key-return box.

Write on the envelop:

  • Your name
  • The address of the apartment that you are moving out of
  • Return date
  • Your signature

Drop the letter into the mailbox on the left side of the door to our service center. If the service center is open, you can return the key to the white mailbox inside.

Handing over the keys agreement

You can hand over the keys to the next tenant with handing over the keys agreement. If you wish to give the keys directly to the next tenant, be in touch with them early and decide how and when you’ll fill the handing over the key agreement together.

You may not give the keys to the parking lot or parking permit to the next tenant. These must always be returned to our service center.

Before your tenancy ends, you can deliver the handing over the keys agreement to us by service request in MyHoas (Service requests > Add new service request > Key handover agreement). Fill the asked information and add the signed agreement to the attachments.

The handing over the key agreement must be delivered to Hoas latest by 9 am the next day after your tenancy ends. However, if you deliver the agreement after your tenancy has ended, you can’t log in to MyHoas anymore. Instead, you can e-mail it to our customer service or deliver the agreement to our service center by 9 am. If you are moving to another Hoas apartment, you can return the keys latest by 4 pm.

If you deliver the agreement late, we might have had to re-pin the lock and the cost of that will be charged from you according to out tenant charge sheet.

Download the agreement on handing over the keys here:

Return all the keys

Return all keys and permissions related to the apartment, parking, or common areas you have gotten from Hoas at the same time. In addition to the key of the apartment, you might have a key to your room in shared apartment, to the waste collection system, mail box, parking permit, or laundry card and lock. Return all keys, permits and locks along with your apartment key.

If you have keys you have gotten from the tenant committee, such as a club room key, return those directly to the committee.

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