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Frontpage News How to get keys to your new Hoas home?

How to get keys to your new Hoas home?

Be prepared for some queueing. Make sure you have something to do while waiting and possibly bring some snacks, good mood and depending on the weather sunscreen or an umbrella with you.

If you’re picking up your keys before your agreement begins, check beforehand that your keys are already available.

Hoas service centre is open Mon-Fri 12 noon-4pm. On the first and last business day of the month service centre is open 10am-4pm.

If you cannot pick up your key by yourself, you can authorise someone over 18 to pick up your key for you. Please fill in the authorisation form carefully.

The phone service (+358 9 549 900, mobile phone charge/local network charge) is open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.

If you lose your key or forget to take it with you when leaving the apartment, please use the Securitas door opening service. In addition, in case of a lost key, contact us by phone to get instructions on how to pick up a new key.

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