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Frontpage Your housing application has been sent

Your housing application has been sent

Your application is valid for three months. Exchange student applications are valid trough one application period.

You will not receive a confirmation email when we receive your application. However, you can access and update your application at any time. To update, request a single-use update link from

If you need assistance or more information, you can contact us by phone, email, or chat. See contact details and opening hours

What happens next?

1. Keep your application up to date

Keep your application up-to-date. For example, if your study place changes or your move-in date is altered, update your application accordingly. We offer apartments based on the information provided.

When you update your application, consider whether you could add more areas or apartment types. The more options we have to find you a place, the more likely you are to get a housing offer.

2. We try to find an apartment that matches your criteria

The waiting time may vary a lot depending on the choices you made on the housing application. There is a queue of more than a year for studio apartments. On the other hand, waiting times for a room in a shared apartment can be short.

At the start of semesters, priority is given to first-year students who are moving to the Helsinki metropolitan area for their studies.

3. Accepting an apartment offer

You will receive information about your apartment offer by email. Log in to your offer by requesting an update link to your email from the Hoas website: Read the document carefully and accept it. You can confirm your tenancy agreement by signing it in the electronic service and providing the requested documents to Hoas by the given due date. 

4. Welcome to your new Hoas home!

It is time to plan your moving day!  There is a lot to remember when you are moving into a new apartment. To help you keep track of everything important, we have put together a checklist for moving in:

We hope that you enjoy your new home!

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