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If you damage the apartment on purpose, or through neglect or carelessness, you are liable to compensate Hoas for any damage caused. You are also responsible for anyone else that has entered the apartment with your permission. If you neglect your responsibility to report a problem in the apartment and any damage that it may have caused, you can be held liable for the cost of repairing the damage. Hoas has a tenant charge sheet, which lists the cost of the most common repairs.

Normal wear and tear

Tenants are not responsible for normal wear and tear, provided that the apartment has been used as a residential home, as specified in the tenancy agreement. Normal wear and tear includes marks left in the apartment over time while you have been living there, like a darker patch on the wall where the bed has been. A cracked sink or a hole in the door is not considered normal wear and tear.

Damage caused by pets, such as scratch marks on doorframes, walls or floors are not considered normal wear and tear, even if these have appeared over a long period of time.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in shared apartments and in all apartments with tenancy agreements signed after 31st May 2010, as well as in hallways, stairways and other common areas.

If the staining caused by smoking is severe enough that enclosures have to be painted, the cost will be charged from the tenant according to actual invoiced cost. Painting and cleaning the walls and ceilings as well as painting the enclosures can cost thousands of euros.

Hoas does not recommend attaching anything to the wall. In part of the apartments there are wooden boards for hanging art. It is not allowed to paint the walls of the apartment. It is not recommended to attach mirrors or shelves to the walls as removal often leaves damage. If you do attach something on the walls, please make sure to remove the items and spackle the holes carefully when you move out.

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