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Hoas takes care of the apartment

We check the condition our apartments regularly. Primarily, the inspections are done when the tenant is moving out and other one is moving in. During the last month of the tenancy, we inspect the apartment and check the condition of apartments surfaces. If required, we order a renovation work to the apartment. We keep the apartment in such a condition that can be reasonably expected when considering the age, local housing stock, and other related matters. If during your tenancy you notice that the surfaces of the apartment are noticeably worn, fill a fault report in MyHoas.

Any alteration works that the tenant does without permission are problematic when it comes to upkeep, responsibility for repairs and possible warranties. If you are unsure about what you can do in the apartment, contact our customer service. We are happy to advice and checking these things beforehand is always a smart move.

Instructions for alteration works

Read these before you take action.

Please note, that Hoas doesn’t install or maintain these alteration works in the apartment. As a tenant, you are responsible for any costs that may arise from installing or maintenance of these alterations.

Wall hangings

You can hang paintings, pictures, shelfs, etc. on the walls of your apartment. If the hangings leave a noticeable mark on the walls, it is your responsibility to fix those marks yourself. Fill in the holes and sand them before you move out. If the marks are in the apartment when you move out, we charge you according to our tenant charge sheet.

Painting the walls

You can’t paint walls any other colors than they originally are. Most of the Hoas’ apartments are painted with painter-white (half dim/matte). Some of the apartments have accent walls and their colors are not to be changed either.

We don’t recommend that you paint your apartment yourself, but if you wish, you can ask for permission with a service request in MyHoas (Service requests > Permission for a DIY renovation). You can only request a permission for painting the walls.


  • Any costs of the painting, paints, and equipment are for you to cover.
  • Cover the floorboards, ceiling, light switches, and electric outlets properly.
  • If the painting doesn’t fulfill Hoas’ standards, we will charge repair painting work from the tenant.

Peephole and security chain

You can order an installation of a peephole or security chain at your own expense. When you move out, leave the peephole and security chain in place.

Security lock

You can order an installation for a security lock at your own expense. Hoas doesn’t take the key, so be aware that our door-opening service cannot help you if you lock yourself out of your apartment and the security lock is locked. Additionally, please leave the security lock unlocked for any possible maintenance or inspection visits.

When you move out, you must remove the security chain, and repair and cover the marks left by the security lock. Make sure to repair it in a way that is approved as a safe and sustainable manner to do. If you don’t remove the security lock, we charge you the costs of removing it according to our tenants charge sheet.

Window blinds

You can install window blinds at your own expense. When you move out, you must leave the blinds in the apartment. If there are blinds installed by a previous tenant, we can come and remove them. If you want the old blinds removed, fill in a fault report.

Washing machines

If there are suitable connections and you have a valid home insurance, you can install a dishwasher or laundry washing machine in your apartment. Read the instructions on Water and drainage page for how to install a washing machine before you act.

Additional information:

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