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Basic renovations and facelifts

Pidämme asumisen tason laadukkaana remontoimalla ja korjaamalla kiinteistöjämme. Käytämme rakentamisessa ja korjaamisessa modernia, energiatehokasta tekniikka ja hyvin eristäviä rakenteita. Vastuullisuustavoitteiden mukaisesti teemme viihtyvyyskorjauksia purkamattomin keinoin.


The most extensive type of maintenance is renovation, which involves replacing structural units that have reached the end of their useful life. Renovations are usually carried out over a time span of 20 years on the average. Hoas renovates 300 to 500 apartments annually.

Before renovations, the condition of the apartments is assessed and the nature of the renovation will be based on this assessment. The plans may even be made at apartment level, so that each apartment will have a unique plan.

During major renovations, the renovated section of the building becomes a construction site and, therefore, cannot be lived in. Hoas always gives residents at least 6 months’ notice of scheduled major renovations before the work is due to start. Hoas also informs residents about alternative housing solutions in good time before major renovations begin.

Major renovations are not carried out on individual apartments, but entire properties.

Facelift renovation

Amenity renovations are intended to achieve maximum improvement in the overall look of the apartment whilst causing the least disturbance to residents’ everyday lives. In practice, the objective is to renovate the apartment in two days, usually between 7.00 and 18.00, and for the apartment to end up with new floor surfaces and a more modern kitchen as a result of the renovations.

Residents are asked to pack some of their belongings before amenity renovations. It is also recommended that residents stay away from the apartment during the renovation work, so that the workmen can work in the apartment without interruption. The aim is that by being flexible, the resident receives a much more modern apartment in two days.

Amenity renovations are also carried out on properties, which are technically in perfect condition, but in need of an overall facelift. Amenity renovations are not carried out on individual apartment, but entire properties.

A video about facelift renovation:

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