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Sustainability at Hoas

Sustainable well-being, affordable housing, a society that improves the well-being of nature and humans, developing partnerships and co-operation networks, and making sustainability work visible – these are some of the goals of our sustainability work at Hoas. Our sustainability goals are defined on our sustainability strategy which guides our sustainability work until 2030.

Sustainability strategy

Strategic goals and priorities divide our sustainability strategy into sections that together aim towards the easiest and most comfortable student living in a sustainable way with smart and sensible pioneering.

Sustainable well-being

We want Hoas to thrive as a foundation, and we want that the houses being built today will be used by students even a hundred years from now.
This requires maintenance of sustainable finances, proactive reactions to changing laws and regulations, understanding of the evolving expectations of our tenants, correct investments in good locations and ensuring the high quality and cost-effective longevity of the buildings.

Best opportunities to achieve change

Our building stock is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our operations. Our new houses are built in accordance with our low-carbon construction guidelines, and their climate effects are taken into account throughout their entire life cycle, from planning to construction, use, maintenance and demolition. The existing building stock is maintained and repaired in a timely manner, which increases the buildings’ life cycle. Energy-efficiency is improved in a controlled manner in accordance with our own energy management plan, and energy is acquired from renewable sources.

In all our sustainability work, we focus on issues in which we are proven to have the best opportunities to achieve change. To learn about the actual impact of our actions, we will develop data collection and methods for proving the effectiveness of different measures.

Corporate social responsibility and partnerships

Supporting young people with managing sustainable daily life is part of our corporate social responsibility. A home at Hoas is a many young person’s first own home, where they practice independent living. We invest in comprehensive tenant services and strive to be able to help and support our tenants in any questions related to housing. By supporting daily living and making it easier, we also aim to support the development of sustainable habits. This is a way of growing the impact of our handprint.

To achieve our sustainability goals, we need partners that are committed to our sustainability goals and develop their own operations to support them. Additionally, they provide us with concrete and effective tools that support our sustainability strategy, which we can use to develop our operations. In best case scenarios, we can develop ourselves and our operations together with our partners.

Creating a solution-oriented culture

Transformation of the green transition, digitalisation and service development in our industry is just beginning. By making our sustainability work concrete and visible, we contribute to systemic change that creates prerequisites for future wellbeing and sustainable development.

We develop our operations intelligently and sensibly, however, constantly sensing the weak signals of the future. Co-learning in cooperation networks takes the development of sustainable business and the green transition forward most effectively.

Building a fair and sustainable future requires supporting the personnel’s competence and ability to change, as well as the creation of a solution-oriented culture that inspires cooperation.

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