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Home insurance is the best way to cover yourself against theft, water damage, or fire. Home insurance needs to be valid at the time of the damage, so it covers the expanses caused by the damage. You can’t buy home insurance afterwards. Please contact your own insurance company directly in any matters degrading the home insurance.

We recommend that all tenants get a home insurance. Hoas doesn’t compensate any property that is stolen or broken. Insurance is the only way to get a compensation for example, if your bike gets stolen from the storage room.

Your own actions affect in how safe your belongings are. Put a decent lock on your storage locker and don’t store anything particularly valuable there.

A liability insurance policy is also good in case the damage is caused by you. Remember that even liability insurance doesn’t cover the costs caused by negligence or willful damage.

We require that you have a valid home insurance if you use a washing machine or dishwasher in your apartment. Before installing a washer, make sure that your apartment has the needed connections. If there the connections are missing, you can’t use a washer in your apartment.

Get a professional to do the installation of the machine and keep a receipt of the done work. If the machine causes for example a water damage later, the receipt is a proof that it was not caused by installing the washing machine the wrong way by yourself.

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