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Credit information check

The credit data classification of applicant or a guardian of an under-aged applicant is checked automatically from Suomen Asiakastieto. When you apply for a Hoas apartment, you give us a permission to check the credit history.

What if I have payment defaults?

A record of payment default doesn’t prevent you from applying for Hoas apartment. Only if you or your guardian have outstanding debts to Hoas, you may not submit a housing application.

Additionally, stricter conditions will be applied to apartment agreement if the applicant or the guardian has at least one of these:

  • Eight or more payment default entries
  • Default total of over 1 000 euros
  • Rent defaults
  • Records of bankruptcy, debt restructuring, impecuniosity or corporate restructuring.

Stricter conditions on tenancy agreement

If you or your guardian has payment defaults, these conditions are applied to the tenancy agreement:

  • A deposit according to the type of apartment
  • Equivalent to three months’ rent in advance
  • Tenancy agreement will be set to a fixed term of six months. If rent payment and overall living has gone without problems, it is possible to extend the tenancy agreement.
  • In family apartments, if one tenant has records in their credit history it affects the other applicants’ agreement, since family apartments have a joint tenancy agreements.

Need help paying the advance rent or deposit?

If you need help to pay the advance rent or deposit, please contact social services or Kela. If you have otherwise trouble paying rent, please contact our payment services or tenant support.

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