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Tenant support

Hoas tenant support provides assistance, advice and solutions for rental housing related problems.

How does the tenant support operate?

The actions of tenant support are based on improving communication between tenants. Often the matter can be settled and agreed upon through discussions. We advise the parties to be active in trying to find a solution and to settle the matter.

There are also situations where the lessor must interfere with disturbances. A written notification and warning are the final measures available to the lessor in letting the tenant know that they must change their conduct. Ignoring the warning can lead to the termination or cancellation of the tenancy agreement.

Conflicts with flatmates

Be active in settling the matter. If you feel that you need our assistance, it is advisable to inform your flatmate about this in advance. Contact us if you wish to involve us in the discussion. You can also contact Community Mediation Centre, which is an impartial party in the discussion.


Partners, friends and relatives are allowed to visit the shared apartment. We recommend that you agree upon such visits with your flatmates in advance. However, it is not allowed to accommodate other people in the apartment.

Cleaning of shared apartments

All residents must look after the shared spaces. We recommend to agree in practical terms on how the tidiness and regular cleaning will be organised. Before you contact the Hoas tenant support on cleaning-related problems in a shared apartment make sure that you have together come to an agreement about cleaning and that everyone is aware of the rules. Living together requires compromises. Tenants may have different views on cleanliness.

Neighbours and quiet time

Normal sounds of life are a part of living in an apartment block. The rules and regulations of the housing company state that noise must be kept down between 10 pm and 6 am on the nights before Monday through to Friday. On the nights before Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, noise must be kept down between 11 pm and 8 am. Causing disturbing noise is forbidden also at other times. In an apartment building, the residents need to understand that the quiet time does not mean total silence. However, normal noises of living such as children’s noises and using the kitchen are allowed even during the silent hours.

If your neighbour repeatedly makes unnecessarily loud noises during the quiet time and you find this disturbing, we recommend to discuss with your neighbour. If you cannot settle the matter through discussions, you can contact Hoas tenant support. Please specify the apartment where the noise is coming from and the nature of the noise. See also disturbance complaint.

Contacting tenant support

Please contact Hoas tenant support via MyHoas.

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