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Applying with a friend

You have two options if you want to apply into a same apartment with your friend. You can apply with your friend to a same shared apartment or to a family apartment.

To a shared apartment with a friend

You can apply for a room in a same shared apartment with your friend. This is how:

  • Fill in the apartment application.
  • Apply for a student apartment same shared apartment with my friend.
  • Fill in your friend’s name in the field requesting second applicant’s name.
  • Fill the rest of the application, upload requested attachments and submit it.
  • Your friend submits their own application and adds your name to their application.

We try to find a shared apartment where two rooms are available at the same time. If we can offer you one, you’ll get an offer of a room in a shared apartment. Upload requested attachments, accept the offer, and sign the tenancy agreement. Your friend gets an offer of another room, accepts it, and signs a tenancy agreement of their own.

Good to know:

Most of our shared apartments are made for three tenants. This means that usually we offer friends two rooms in an apartment where also a third tenant lives. Shared apartments for two tenants are rarely vacant to be offered.

You and your friend have each your own tenancy agreements. You can terminate your tenancy even if your friend stays in the apartment. You can also stay in the apartment even if your friend terminates their tenancy. Then, a new tenant moves into the room.

To a family apartment with a friend

You can apply into a family apartment with your friend. This is how:

  • Fill one apartment application with your friend.
  • Tell that your are applying for an apartment with my spouse or friend.
  • Add the other applicants’ email to the application to the field dedicated to it.
  • Fill the rest of the application, add requested attachments, and submit it.

We aim to find you a family apartment that suits your needs. If we can find you one, we’ll send an apartment offer to both applicants. Only one of the applicants need to accept the offer.. Then, you’ll both get an invite to sign the tenancy agreement online. Both applicants need to sign the tenancy agreement on their own behalf before Hoas confirms the agreement.

Good to know:

Tenants in family apartments have a joint tenancy agreement. Joint tenancy agreement means that all the tenants share the responsibility of the rent payments and condition of the apartment together. For example, if the other tenant doesn’t pay their part of the rent, you would still be responsible to pay the remaining rent to Hoas despite what you have agreed on between yourselves.

Joint tenancy agreement might mean that your housing allowance from Kela needs to be checked. A household usually gets only one housing allowance for the apartment, and Kela considers both of your incomes when making the decision about the amount of housing allowance you can receive. Check the current policies on Kela’s website.

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