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Frontpage News Are you looking for an affordable apartment while studying?

Are you looking for an affordable apartment while studying?

Choose a shared apartment and we’ll throw some friends into the bargain

Why move into a shared apartment?

Shared accommodation is the cheapest form of student housing. The prices for a shared room vary from a little over 200 euros to about 450 euros. Electricity and water are included, and there are free-of-charge extra services such as Internet connection and sauna and laundry facilities. Many Hoas buildings also provide shared spaces for their tenants. Tenants can then discuss together and get, for example, fitness or gaming equipment for the space.

Shared apartments come equipped with friends

Are you starting your studies in a new town? In a shared apartment, you can get to know people even before the first school courses start. And it’s always nice to live close to people who are in a similar situation in life as yourself.

Shared apartments require less equipment

It doesn’t take that many pieces of furniture to make your room cosy. You can also save money on appliances, as few households need more than one coffee maker or electric kettle. For shared rooms, you can go hunting for second-hand furniture with your roomies at local recycling centres.

Rooms in shared apartments vary between about 10 to 20 square metres in area. All rooms are equipped with a closet for clothes. Recently renovated apartments may also have a fridge in each room.

Shared apartments are always available

You may get a unit in as little as a week, and they are readily available all year round.

Shared apartments are spread across different locations

Hoas offers apartments in 43 areas in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen, and rooms are available in almost all buildings. You’ll find rooms, for instance, in the heart of the city in Kamppi and Kalasatama; close to school campuses in Myllypuro and Otaniemi; and in lush country settings in Viikki and Latokaski.

You can extend your stay in a shared apartment

You can live in a unit for the whole duration of your studies, and often for an extra year after you graduate. Say goodbye to stress related to moving and focus on what matters – your studies.

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