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Etusivu Tenants Move-in report

Move-in report

The tenant must notify Hoas about the shortcomings in the apartment after obtaining the keys, this is called move-in report.

Shortcomings in cleaning must be notified to Hoas within 3 days of obtaining the keys. If the apartment is unclean, fill in fault report and call Hoas maintenance services. We consider you to gain control of the apartment on the day you pick up the keys from Hoas. Pick up the keys when you are able to go and check the condition of your new home.

Other shortcomings and observations should be notified to Hoas via the fault report within 10 calendar days of obtaining the keys. Mention what faults you are hoping to be fixed. The inspector will order the repair works that are necessary – all the faults you report might not be fixed. If you want to send photos of the faults please mail them to maintenance[at] It is not possible to attach photos to the fault report.

What should I check?

Check at least the following:

  • has someone smoked in the apartment?
  • power sockets, ceiling sockets, the ceiling hook and possibly a terminal block are in place and the ceiling connection boxes work
  • the fixed lights work
  • appliances and their lights work
  • are there any substantial scratches, dents, holes or patches on the walls or in the ceiling
  • are there mirrors on the walls
  • all the walls should be the same colour – some apartments have accent walls painted by Hoas, but all walls that are not white should be reported to Hoas just in case
  • the washing machine and/or dishwasher water inlets and outlets been plugged properly and they are not leaking
  • the doors are in place and undamaged
  • the washbasins in the bathroom and toilet are undamaged and there is no leaking
  • the floor drains and washbasins are unclogged
  • there is no furniture in the apartment – Hoas apartments are unfurnished, unless otherwise stated in the agreement
  • there are no ceiling lights in the apartment that are not fixed (such as bathroom lights)
  • the windows are uncracked

There might be also things to notice that are not mentioned in this list. This list is here to give you a rough idea of stuff to pay attention to. In shared apartments it’s good to check the room and common areas.

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