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Etusivu Areas Housing Kirstinharju 1/Kirstinharju 3

Kirstinharju 1/Kirstinharju 3

Espoo, Espoon keskus-Suvela
  • Average
  • Good (general condition of the property)


Property includes the following services
  • Elevator
  • Laundry
  • Sauna
  • Asuntotyyppi Room , Koko 13.3 Neliömetriä , Vuokra 256 Euroa
  • Asuntotyyppi Two room apartment , Koko 50.5 Neliömetriä , Vuokra 548 Euroa
  • Asuntotyyppi Room , Koko 15.7 Neliömetriä , Vuokra 327 Euroa
  • Asuntotyyppi Four room apartment , Koko 74 Neliömetriä , Vuokra 732 Euroa
  • Asuntotyyppi Three room apartment , Koko 67.5 Neliömetriä , Vuokra 649 Euroa

Family-friendly student homes in Suvela, Espoo

Good availability, apartments often available.

Kirstinharju buildings are located close to services of Espoon keskus. The buildings have been renovated in 2014. There are good public transportation connections by train to Herlsinki and Kirkkonummi.

There are families with children living in this property. The apartments are mainly spacious family apartments. There are also shared apartments.

Check out a video about the property:

Basic information

Basic renovation year
Construction year
Included in the rent
Heating costs
Included in the rent
Water charges
Included in the rent
Furnished apartments for exchange students
Rental objects
Four rooms apartment, Parking, Room, Two-room apartment
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