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Housing offer

We aim to offer apartments as soon as they become available. Our tenants have one month termination period which means that we know the situation of available apartments approx. one month before they become available. We can’t estimate when, how many, or the areas where apartments become available. We don’t have queue numbers for applications and consider the urgency of the need for an apartment, the applicant’s assets and financial situation, as well as the time they have waited for apartment.

Receiving an offer

You will get the housing offer by email. Sender of the email is Email includes the information about the offered apartment, instructions on how to accept the offer, and link to applicant online service where you can accept or reject the housing offer.

How to accept the housing offer?

Check the deadline for accepting the offer and accept the offer before the due date. The time to accept the offer is typically short since we have so many applicants.

  • Order a link to your email from our Housing application page. Click the single-use link to go to accept the offer.
  • Upload requested attachments
  • Pay possible deposit (payment details are in the email) and upload the receipt of paid deposit
  • Accept the offer

If you want to reject the offer, log in to applicant online service and reject the offer. If you want to still keep applying for apartment, check the information on your application and update it so that it becomes valid again.

If you need more time to accept the housing offer, contact our customer service as soon as possible. Extra time can not always be given.

If you don’t accept or reject the offer by due date, the application expires and your application becomes automatically passive.

We will then send you an e-mail inviting you to sign the tenancy agreement electronically. We will check your right to occupancy based on the study certificates you have uploaded. The housing offer may be cancelled if you are not able to prove your right to occupancy.

Study certificates

All students must provide a certificate of attendance/certificate of enrollment (no more than 3 months old).

University students must provide a transcript of records. A print of the online records is sufficient as long as it shows your personal details, completed courses, the study credits earned, and dates when the courses has been completed.  

New students can provide a notification of acceptance if no certificate of attendance is available.

In family apartments study certificates of one tenant is enough.

Can I get another offer?

Primarily, we offer apartments to those who have not received any offers. When you reject the first offer, please consider that it may take a while to receive another one. During the beginning of semesters it is possible to receive only one offer (August–October and January–February).

Signing the tenancy agreement

When you have accepted the offer, we check your details such as your right to occupancy based on the certificates you have provided. If everything is in order, we’ll email you an invite to sign the tenancy agreement online.

The tenancy agreement is confirmed when all participants have signed it. After signing, you can’t cancel the tenancy agreement and any possible termination of tenancy must be done according to Act on Residential Leases (52§)

Is it possible to view the apartment?

Typically, previous tenant is still living in the offered apartment at the time of the offer. If the tenant has given their permission to forward their contact details, you can find them in the apartment offer. Contact the tenant directly to see if you can come and view the apartment.

If the tenant has not given their contact details or if the apartment is vacant, it is not possible to visit the apartment beforehand. Unfortunately, Hoas doesn’t arrange apartment viewings. However, there is information about the apartment on the housing offer as well as a floor plan. On your property’s page you can find pictures of the property and usually pictures of some of the apartments as well.

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