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Frontpage News Five tips for information security from DNA

Five tips for information security from DNA

As a Hoas resident, the rent of your home includes Hoasnet 200M broadband provided by DNA. Here are DNA’s five security tips, so you can use the Internet at home with a safe mind.

1. Protect your online banking and surfing from possible malware

Viruses are only a small part of the dangers lurking on the Internet. For example, various data collection programs have become more common recently. They often work unnoticed on the user’s device, stealing credentials and other login information, which they then send to cybercriminals. With malware protection, you can ensure that these bad guys cannot access your data.

2. Beware of scams!

In addition to malware, it is also good to beware of various direct scams. Fraudsters often fish for personal and payment information and may appear, for example, in the name of a company or authority. Remember that the authorities will not ask for your personal or payment information, so don’t give it to anyone! Do not respond to scam messages and delete them without clicking on their links.

3. Protect your privacy, especially on public networks

With a VPN connection, you protect your privacy online, for example from advertisers and other followers. With it, you block unnecessary and harmful sites and protect your connection on open networks. Therefore, use a VPN connection at least when you use a public WiFi network, e.g., in a cafe.

4. Use two-step login

Two-step authentication means that logging into the service must be confirmed with a separate code in addition to the credentials. It ensures that the right person is logging in and that the credentials were not stolen by a cybercriminal. Two-step login should be enabled in all services that offer it.

5. Prefer strong passwords

Passwords that are too short or easy to guess are always a security risk. Unique, secure passwords should always be created for different services. However, many people use the same credentials for several services because it is difficult to remember them. If the credentials are stolen, hackers can access your information in other services where you have used the same login information.

Don’t have a data security service yet?

You can read more about DNA’s data security services online at

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