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Frontpage News Hoas housing application is open again

Hoas housing application is open again

Housing applications can be submitted to Hoas again. Hoas application system reform is progressing and we can now accept housing applications.

All applicants must submit a new housing application

Applications will not be transferred from the previous system to the new system as a result of the system change. All applicants must therefore submit a new housing application. Since studio apartment applicants have been waiting for an apartment for a long time, we take into account the submission date of the original studio apartment application. If you want the submission date to be taken into account, fill out a new housing application by 12 noon on March 6, 2023.

How to update your application?

When you wish to update your new apartment application, extend its validity period, or accept an offer, log in to the applicant services at

Apartment offer by email

When we find an apartment that meets your criteria, we will send you an apartment offer and instructions for paying the deposit by email. To accept or reject the offer, please log in to applicant services.

Applying for Hoas student apartment

You can submit an application as soon as you have been admitted to a school.

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