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Biodiversity survey

Lawns-into-meadows project invites Hoas tenants to take part in their research:

Attitudes towards lawns and meadows in cities and their link to users’ experiences of nature and environmental identity

The expansion of the urban landscape is a worldwide phenomenon and is enhancing habitat and biodiversity loss. Additionally, a significant fraction of the urban greenspace (e.g. parks, forests, street trees and yards) is made of turfgrass lawns. These lawns consist of a few species of selected grasses and are often subject to intensive management. Yet, lawns have the potential to harbour a larger biodiversity under less intensive management and/or when the inclusion and presence of wildflowers and other grasses are allowed (i.e. wildflower meadows). Transforming lawns into meadows can increase urban greenspace heterogeneity and biodiversity, but it also has trade-offs associated with the perception and usabilty by the urban residents.

This survey is meant to explore attitudes towards turgrass lawns in the urban landscape and possibilities for their transformation into urban wildflower meadows. Additionally, it investigates the relations between greenspace and urban residents’ experiences of nature as well as environmental identity.

This survey is meant for AYY and Hoas residents and it takes about 20 minutes to fill in. We will raffle off a 50 € gift card (Ruohonjuuri, Plantagen or Partioaitta) among the respondents. You can respond before 31th October.

Thank you for participation!

This research is part of the lawns-into-meadows project, University of Helsinki/Jyväskylä, led by Beñat Olascoaga.

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