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Recycling of furniture

Disposing of or recycling used furniture is the tenant’s responsibility. The removal of furniture left in the waste collection area or in stairwells or abandoned in the yard causes extra expenses to the property company and may lead to higher rental fees.

If the furniture is still usable, you may take it to a recycling centre.

The following organisations accept recycled furniture:

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centres accept unnecessary household furniture and smaller items at no cost. Please note that anything you take to a Reuse Centre must be in good condition, clean and not broken, in order for it to be further recycled. The Reuse Centres will also pick up items from your home for free. You can also borrow or rent a trailer or a cargo bike.

Fida Second Hand Shops also accept furniture and smaller items that are in good shape, clean and functional. You can take your items directly to the shop or ask Fida to pick your furniture up at no cost by calling your nearest Fida shop. Please note that not all of these shops will accept furniture.

Kontti, a second hand department store operated by the Finnish Red Cross, accepts donations of clean and usable clothes and other items. You can bring your donations directly to the Kontti department stores or leave them in Kontti collection boxes. For large pieces of furniture you can call for a free pickup service.

Towels and sheets can be donated for example to the Helsinki Humane Society’s cat house, which accepts cotton rags for cleaning purposes.

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