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Asiakkaankatu 6 A 018 answer summary

We value
Own dishes and kitchenware, Not sharing food, Your own room is a private space, Informing visitors beforehand, Recycling, The conversation
We keep our apartment quiet
Our cleaning philosophy
We love a spotless home
Together we like to
Watch movies, Have deep conversations, Enjoy a cup of tea, Tell bad jokes
Greetings to the future resident
Hi! We’re three girls in our early 30s, some of us are finishing their studies and some have started a second degree. So far we have had a nice international home with a mixture of Finns and foreigners. We like to have a nice, friendly atmosphere at home and like to keep it very clean and organised. We appreciate being considerate and kind and respecting others. If you’re into having conversations with your flatmates, keeping the house clean and recycling (we have whopping 6 containers for recyclables), welcome to our home :) Ps. some of us watch Eurovision together every year, so if you're a fan, you're obviously welcome to join us!

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