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Located along the ring rail line in western Helsinki, Malminkartano is a green village-like residential area. Malminkartano hill and its 426 steps, Mätäjoki river outdoor routes, several green areas and good cycling routes create diverse outdoor opportunities. Basic services can be found within a walking distance, and the Kannelmäki and Myyrmäki shopping centres complement the service offering. You can reach the centre of Helsinki in 15 minutes by train and eastern Helsinki directly by bus, for example.

Housing application

Area information

Distance to the city centre

  • Helsinki 11 km
  • Vantaa 3 km

Public transportation

  • Train
  • Bus


  • Mätäjoki river
  • Kartanonhaka
  • Kaarelanpuisto park


  • Public apple tree garden
  • Malminkartanonhuippu artificial hill
  • Recreation Hall

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