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Etusivu Applicants Exchange students Exchange students of University of Helsinki

Exchange students of University of Helsinki

Exchange students of University of Helsinki should submit an application via the university’s Mobility Online portal. Exchange students of University of Helsinki should not submit a separate exchange student apartment application to Hoas. Please follow the instructions given by the University of Helsinki how to apply.

Exchange students of the University of Helsinki apply with one application via Mobility Online portal for both furnished Hoas exchange student apartments and furnished Unihome apartments. Please note that filling in an application is not an automatic guarantee that you will get an apartment.

The University of Helsinki will handle the applications and forward the information to Hoas or Unihome depending which one makes the housing offer. Any questions related to applications or getting an offer must be addressed to Unihome. Hoas cannot reply to any questions regarding application process before we have received the information.

An applicant can only receive one offer from either Hoas or Unihome. If you refuse the offered housing, you need to make your own housing arrangements.

For more information about Unihome, visit the Unihome website.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students

The University of Helsinki has reserved places for bachelor`s and master’s degree students liable to tuition fees as well. You can apply for these apartments only starting in autumn. The application period for apartments starts every year on 1st of April.

The apartments are rented for the academic year according to the study information Hoas receives from University of Helsinki and the tenancy agreements are made for a fixed-term. The agreements will be made for fixed term from August – May. The fixed-term tenancy agreements concerning furnished apartments cannot be terminated nor extended.

If you continue your studies after the furnished apartment’s fixed-term agreement ends, you may apply unfurnished housing for degree students. Please note, that submitting an application for an unfurnished apartment is not an automatic guarantee that you will get one.

For further questions about the application process for University of Helsinki students liable to tuition fees, please contact guidance-coordination(at)

Bachelor`s and Master`s degree students not liable to pay tuition fees can apply unfurnished housing directly from Hoas.

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