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Frontpage News Financial aid and housing allowance during summer

Financial aid and housing allowance during summer

Summer job and housing allowance

If you have a summer job, remember that your salary might have an effect on your general housing allowance.

  • If your household’s income is at least 400 e / month higher or 200 e / month lower in the summer, review your housing allowance
  • If the summer job is short-term and ends before Kela’s review date, no review is required.
  • If extra income has already been taken into account in the housing allowance decision, the review might not be required. Call Kela’s customer service (in English: 020 634 2550) or send a message on OmaKela e-service if you have questions about your situation.

Study grant for summer

If you don’t have a job for the summer, you can get financial aid for summer studies. Aid can be granted for courses, book exams, job training, working on a thesis etc. Read more about the study grant for summer at Kela’s website.

You can get general housing allowance in summer even if you don’t study during the summer months.