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Frontpage News HSY distributes biowaste bags

HSY distributes biowaste bags

Over 1 900 Hoas-apartments are included in the HSY biowaste bag distribution. Residents get free bags for sorting biowaste.

  • What: There is one bundle (80 bags) of biowaste bags reserved for each apartment included in the distribution.
  • Where: Residents can pick up their apartment’s bundle from the laundry room on their residential property.
  • When: Starting from 15 November 2021

Biowaste should be packed into a biodegradable paper bag

The paper bag is the best option because it decomposes well in the biowaste treatment process. A normal plastic bag cannot be used in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area because it won’t decompose. You may, however, use bags made out of biodegradable plastic.

How to sort your biowaste

  • Put for example, fruit and vegetable peels and all food scraps into biowaste. Make yourself familiar with the sorting instructions for biowaste:
  • Waste guide helps you with sorting problems:
  • Let the waste mass cool and dry for a while before putting it into the bag. Pour liquids down the drain.
  • Store the biowaste bag so that it’s well ventilated. Put an empty egg carton on the bottom of the bag to absorb moisture.
  • Pack the biowaste in a bag and put it into the collection container for biowaste.

Give biowaste a new life. Thank you for sorting your waste!

Is your apartment included in the HSY biowaste bag distribution? Read more from this newsletter.

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